Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PrisonRadio Special: Migration and Incarceration in our Communities

a special on CKUT's PrisonRadio!
Thursday June 14 from 5pm to 6pm
on CKUT 90.3 FM

The Canadian Immigration system relies on the existence of prisons, and in particular immigration detention centres to maintain a system of inequality, racism and exclusion. Racialized and migrant communities are especially affected by incarceration, policing and profiling.

This Thursday June 14 at 5pm, PrisonRadio on CKUT will devote an hour long special to exploring the intersections of immigration and incarceration. We will speak with immigration lawyer Jared Will on the realities on immigration detention centres in the Montreal area. We will hear statements from two detainees and the Laval Immigration Prevention Centre. We will also speak to Nell from Tucson Arizona on the No More Deaths campaign; a humanitarian migrant justice organization working in solidarity with Mexican migrants, of which over 3000 have died since 1998 trying to cross the US-Mexico border.

PrisonRadio! is part of CKUT's Community News Collective. PrisonRadio! airs the second Thursday of every month at 5.00pm and alternating Friday's at 11.00am. PrisonRadio! seeks to combat the invisibility of prisons and give voice to prisoner struggle. To reach us, contact