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No One Is Illegal Radio -- June 2007 (Houston, Vancouver, Toronto)

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Our June 7, 2007 show features interviews with activists in Houston, Vancouver and Toronto. We speak with:

-> ANTONIA BAKER of the Prisoners Justice Action Committee (PJAC) in Toronto, about the series of "tough on crime" bills introduced by the Harper government, and Canada's emerging Prison Industrial Complex.

-> JILL CHETTIAR of the Anti-Poverty Committee (APC) in Vancouver, about the disruptive tactics being employed to oppose the upcoming Olympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler in 2010, in support of anti-poverty and indigenous sovereignty efforts.

-> ASHLEY TURNER & ROB BLOCK of Sin Fronteras in Houston, Texas, about a recent protest at an immigration detention facility, as part of a Global Day of Action for Free Movement coinciding with anti-G8 protests in Germany.

This month's show was produced by members of the No One Is Illegal collective in Montreal, in conjunction with the CKUT Community News Collective. No One Is Illegal-Montreal is part of a worldwide movement of resistance, fighting for justice and dignity, and the right to self-determination for migrants, refugees and indigenous people. Our campaign is in public confrontation with the Canadian state, denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling, police brutality, detentions and deportations, as well as opposing the displacement and genocide of indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION about our June 2007 show:

The Canadian House of Commons has passed, and is debating, a whole series of "tough on crime" bills. Some of these proposed laws are supported by the opposition NDP, such as mandatory sentencing. Together, they contribute to Canada's burgeoning Prison Industrial Complex.

On this month's No One Is Illegal Radio, we speak with ANTONIA BAKER of the Prisoners Justice Action Committee (PJAC) in Toronto about the new crime and prison laws, and the movement to oppose them.

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Also on this month's show, we hear about grassroots resistance to the 2010 Olympics that will take place in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia.

There have been several disruptions of Olympic-related events in Vancouver, in support of anti-poverty and indigenous sovereignty movements: an Olympic ceremony was interrupted, the Olympic flag was stolen, and a Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee official was symbolically evicted from this office.

On this month's show we speak with JILL CHETTIAR, an organizer with the Anti-Poverty Committee (APC) of Vancouver, about the campaign against the upcoming winter Olympic games.

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Coinciding with anti-G8 mobilizations in Germany, June 4, 2007 marked a Global Day of Action for Freedom of Movement, in support of migrant rights. Demonstrations were held in Rostock, Germany and other locations in Europe.

In Houston, Texas, members of Sin Fronteras attempted to block the Houston Processing Center, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in North Houston. Two protesters were arrested.

This month on No One Is Illegal Radio, we talk with two members of Sin Fronteras in Houston who participated in the action: ASHLEY TURNER, 18, a collective member of Sedition Books and an activist with the Anarchist Black Cross; and ROB BLOCK, 23, who is active with Houston Indymedia and The Alarm.

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NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO is a monthly news and current affairs show on CKUT 90.3 FM, community radio in Montreal, produced and hosted by members of the No One Is Illegal-Montreal collective on the first Thursday of every month, on Off-the-Hour from 5-6pm.

For one year, NO ONE IS ILLEGAL RADIO has brought you voices from the frontlines of the movements for the self-determination of migrant and indigenous peoples, against borders & capitalism, racial profiling & police brutality, and detentions & deportation.

In the past year, we're heard from indigenous sovereignty movements from Six Nations to Tyendinaga, Grassy Narrows to Kahnawake. We've listened to US activists fighting for migrant justice, from New York to New Bedford to Oakland. We've heard from activists in Lebanon, Palestine and England.

We've spoken with individuals who have experienced and survived removals and detention, and continue to fight against detention centers, prisons and borders. Locally, we've been inspired by activists fighting deportation, racial profiling and security certificates

CKUT Community Radio is unabashedly embedded within Montreal's migrant justice and indigenous solidarity movements.

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