Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pervers/Cité: A RADICAL QUEER answer to Pride!

Pervers/Cité : A RADICAL QUEER answer to Pride!!

This summer, Q-Team wants to bring together a coalition of radical queer individuals and groups to organize a series of events, workshops, panel discussions, and actions to coincide with Divers/Cité. The aim of the series would be to address issues normally pushed to the margins by the mainstream gay agenda.

Q-Team would like to invite you/your organization to be apart of Pervers/Cité!!!

We envision the series being planned by a central organizing committee which would be made up of representatives from various participating groups along with interested folks who are flyin' solo.

The central organizing committee would be responsible for logistics, like getting a space, doing promotion, fundraising, etc. The content of the workshops would then either be coordinated by the central organizing committee (planning panels) or created by individual groups (topics decided by the group or in collaboration with the organizing committee).

Here is an incomplete list of ideas of possible events for Pervers/Cité (which we came up with at the first meeting):

Art Show
Film Screening
Prison Support
Queer & Trans Migrant Issues
Sporting Events
Queer Media (esp. radio)
Zine workshops (esp. hands-on)
Queer History Tours
Panel of activists from the 60's, 70's, and 80's
Corporate Pride & Sponsorship
History of the Village
Queer &Trans Grassroots Initiatives Panel
More Out Against the Occupation
Trans & Queer Gentrification
Trans and Queer Youth
The Language of Queerness (esp. accessible language)
Censorship (at the border)
Mental Health
History of L'Androgyne
Dis/ability in Trans and Queer Communities