Monday, July 9, 2007

!!! Mobilize and Protest against Bush, Harper and Calderon

-- This August, Stephen Harper, George Bush and Felipe Calderón will be just 90 minutes from Montreal, in Montebello, Qc!

-- Mobilize and Protest against George Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon at the meeting of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP)

AUGUST 19-21, 2007
(Between Ottawa and Montreal)

--> A main Day of Action against the SPP will take place on MONDAY, August 20 at 3pm at the Chateau Montebello (or as close as possible to Montebello). We encourage everyone to mobilize to Montebello by 3PM on August 20. <--
Montebello, Quebec is a tourist village between Ottawa and Montreal, on Highway 148, on the Ottawa River.

( To view a small map, click here: ; or download a more detailed map of the region in .pdf format here: )

Actions will also take place from August 19-21. An "anti-capitalist camp" will be set up in the area, as early as August 8, for all protesters who want to be in the region early to help plan actions and raise awareness. More details forthcoming. Visit frequently for updates.

Protests are being organized against Bush, Harper, Calderon and the SPP by anti-capitalist social justice activists in Quebec and Ontario, under the framework of the People's Global Action (PGA) Network (

Ottawa and Montreal -- on either side of Montebello on the Highway 148 – will act as organizing hubs for protests, including local protests and actions.


For up-to-date information, subscribe to our announcements list by visiting:

Please phone or email for more info, or to get involved with organizing efforts (popular education, mobilization, logistics, transportation, fundraising and more!):

WEB: (visit frequently for updates)

TEL: 514-848-7583

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is being organized from Montreal & Quebec City to Montebello for August 19&20. To offer transport, or to request transport, please contact

PLANNING CONSULTA: A Consulta – open to all delegates of groups who are interested in actively mobilizing against Bush, Harper, Calderon and the SPP -- will be held in MONTREAL on SATURDAY, JULY 21, from NOON-5pm (Location TBA).

We strongly encourage all groups to attend this Consulta (ie. preparation meeting), one month before the SPP, so that we can together finalize our plans to protest and disrupt the Bush visit.
Please confirm your attendance (or request housing, for out-of-town delegates) by e-mail at: