Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 2007: No One Is Illegal Radio

Our May 3, 2007 show was part of CKUT’s Annual Funding Drive. This month’s show -- our first in our new timeslot on Thursday’s Off-the-Hour from 5-6pm -- includes interviews from Six Nations, Tyendinaga, New York City, Oakland, Jersey City and Ottawa. The May 2007 show includes:

A pre-recorded interview with RHONDA MARTIN, mother of former Six Nations political prisoner Chris Hill; a live interview by phone with JASON MARACLE of the Mohawk Community of Tyendinaga; a live interview from New York City with MARIA MUENTEZ of Families for Freedom in New York City; a live interview from Oakland, California with former Black Panther and prison abolition activist ASHANTI ALSTON; a live interview from Ottawa with SOPHIE HARKAT, an activist against secret trials and security certificates, and the partner of Mohamed Harkat, one of Canada’s “Secret Trial Five”; and a live interview from Jersey City with AMIR HODHOD. Amir, a refugee from Egypt, was an active member of the Workers Solidarity Network and Solidarity Across Borders in Montreal.

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